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It’s The Money, Stupid!: Over $1 Billion Raised for Prez Race!

The candidates for the White House have raised over $1 billion in their quest to win the election on Nov. 4, 2008. The Dems’ Sen. Barack Obama has racked in $639 million, while the GOP’s nominee, John McCain, has taken in $360 million. The four other Third Party candidates for the presidency have brought in about $5.5 million. The only thing we know for sure is this: When big money contributions dominate the electoral process, the people lose!

"East Bound and Down": A Homeless March on Washington

"...let's begin working together now to bring our leaders in Washington, DC, back to their senses, regardless of who gets elected on November 4. As Americans, we owe nothing less to ourselves, our families and communities, and to our country as a whole."

"Challenging the New Orientalism: Dissenting Essays on the ‘War Against Islam’ " :: Book...

"It is not Islam’s so-called resistance to modernity or science or for that matter hostility to the West that can be attributed to the decline of Islamicate societies. Rather, it is the economic, political, social and technological factors that caused the peripheral countries to fall behind."


Election 2008: Who Decides? The People or the Programmers?

"This late in the campaign season, the codes have been written and the voting machines and compilers are in place. Whose decisions will they report: those of the voters or those of the programmers? We will likely find out on November 5."


More trouble ahead

"...even moderate Israeli actors are contributing to Arab-Jewish alienation in Israel. The fence/wall that so mindlessly cuts off East Jerusalem Arabs from their brethren in the West Bank is radicalizing them--witness the series of suicidal attacks launched in West Jerusalem by frustrated Palestinians from the outlying villages of East Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Israeli governmental refusal to create new Arab towns or an Arab university exacerbates the pressures generated by the increasingly crowded Arab living space in Israel."