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"The Presence of Absence in the Ruins of Kafr Bir’im" :: Film Review ::

"Today, only Israelis yield the fruits from the trees and grow crops in kibbutz nurseries. The cows that graze the land belong to Israelis. As for Palestinian-Israelis, they are barred from rebuilding and living in their native village. Although European Zionists claimed the British Mandate of Palestine as barren, Halaka’s use of numerous, archival photographs in a slideshow format, along with Essa’s life experiences, prove this Zionist claim untrue."

Stop Calling Me a Jew! — Barack Obama and the Politics of Xenophobia

"...it's time that Americans grow up and get over their post and pre-9/11 bigotry, and it's high time that our political candidates take the lead."

Bush "Triples Down" in Pakistan

"...the United States government should take advantage of the Pakistani elections and withdraw all support and aid from the Pakistani government. Furthermore, the United States needs to focus on al Qaeda and worry less about other radical Islamist groups in Pakistan. The election results show that these non-al Qaeda groups are on the fringe and most likely will not take over a nuclear-armed Pakistan--especially if the United States quits acting as a recruiting poster for them by supporting the corrupt Pakistani government. Thus, these groups do not directly threaten America and are Pakistan’s problem."

The $54 Million Hillary/Bill Clinton Duo in Meltdown

Did you know that the wealth of Hillary and Bill Clinton is now estimated at $54 million? Pretty good, considering he was in debt when he left the White House. In any event, Hillary’s bid to capture the Democratic Party’s presidential nod is fading faster than the value of the U.S. dollar. In the debates, she’s come across as abrasive. Her attack dog tactics are failing. If Sen. Barack Obama carries Texas and Ohio, will Hillary fold? Stay tuned!

Ron Paul: Direct Descendant of the Founders

"Most appalling is the media’s emphasis on criticizing Paul’s foreign policy views. The Washington Post, in an op-ed dedicated entirely to undermining Paul’s candidacy, argued that Paul is an “isolationist” who would withdraw from Iraq immediately, wouldn’t defend South Korea if it were attacked by the North, and has attempted to understand why Osama bin Laden attacks the United States."



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