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Say it with Flowers

"The genetic code of the Zionist movement leads it to struggle with the Palestinian people for the possession of the whole of historical Palestine and the expansion of Jewish settlement from the sea to the river. As long as it is not supplanted by a national resolution to adopt another aim - a clear, open and long-term decision - it will go on following this course."

Europe Has Declared War on Islam and the Qur’an

"Uneasy at students learning about Islam and turning away from the idea of materialism, Europe has this time encouraged the ending of religious instruction in schools under a variety of pretexts. Europe’s endeavors are obvious; it has declared war on belief in Allah and Islam."

Dugard rocks Quartet boat

"The remarkable manipulation within the UN has resulted in the Security Council relinquishing its powers in respect of the Occupied Palestinian Territories in favour of an amorphous body known as the Quartet. It was set up in 2003 without a founding resolution or mandate from either the Security Council or the General Assembly."

Threats On the Kurdish Front Should Have Been Expected

"This all should have been understood before the war began, but was not. And that is why one of the principle recommendations of the Iraq Study Group is as valid today as when it was written. And that is the necessity of creating a regional security pact which brings together all the component groups inside Iraq, along with Iraq's neighbors, under the auspices of the United Nations, so that problems of this sort are not tackled piecemeal. Iraq's neighbors have a direct stake in the stability and unity of Iraq, and are better made partners toward that goal than a collection of allies and rivals."

Annapolis – Winners or Losers?

"Critical demands for real substantive changes which would necessitate Israel to abandon its colonial enterprise are not only being ignored and defied; the Olmert brigade of veteran war-mongers have retained every despicable act of violation of human rights and international law."