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Pakistan’s New Political Narrative

"...it is those who are struggling to dictate the terms for use and exercise of State power are the ones who have triggered the unhinging of the current set-up. The militant groups and the lawyers cannot be contained within the existing political system."

A Congressman of the People: Parren J. Mitchell (RIP)

Rep. Parren J. Mitchell, age 85, died on May 28, 2007. He served the people of Baltimore, MD, for eight terms in the U.S. Congress (1971-87). He was fighter for Civil Rights, who opposed the Vietnam War and pushed for the impeachment of Richard M. Nixon. Today, by contrast, Maryland is stuck with U.S. Sen., Barbara A. Mikulski. She supports funding for the Iraqi War, with no conditions, and condones the wrongdoings of President George W. Bush.

What Military Service Qualifies Bush To Lead Iraq War

"Americans should tell members of Congress to consider the military service record of the man deciding the fate of our young men and women in Iraq before granting his next request for funding to keep them there until hell freezes over - apparently."

Pakistan is going Down the Road of the Shah’s Iran

"The Bush administration should change policy and end the occupation of Afghanistan, which would cool the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan and the Islamic militancy in Pakistan. In addition, the United States should threaten to cut off aid to Pakistan unless Musharraf and his intelligence services make a genuine attempt to capture or kill bin Laden."

Self-Inflicted Deadly Wounds

"The Lebanese, and Palestinians in Gaza and Lebanon, may be trapped in a war beyond their control. But even with that, they need not behave as victims, victimizing each other and leading themselves down a path of self-destruction."