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"...Condoleezza's "political horizon": as you go forward, it recedes."

Style or Substance Following Riyadh Summit?

"If the Bush administration does not immediately abandon or verbally savage the Arab League plan as a consequence of Republican and AIPAC pressure then something new will be afoot and worthy of very close attention. Until then, Rice is simply following the Olmert model: style over substance."

Steven Emerson’s Disturbing Track Record

"It is an unfortunate consequence of post 9/11 life in America, where fear-mongering is a reality, that notorious career Islamophobes, such as this individual, are subjected to little scrutiny and virtually no credibility tests - even as mainstream Muslim leaders with established track records are readily second-guessed."


Anti-Semitism – History lessons for Canadian Muslims

"In Germany during the 1880s and 1890s, government representatives were elected on slogans like "Pereat Judea" -- meaning "Down with Judea." Today, many of our elected politicians are more careful -- and insidious. Many confirm their Islamophobia by saying nothing against it and by doing nothing to stop it."

Pakistan’s 3-Way Framework Contest

"In the absence of rule of law Pakistan may find an increasing number of its well meaning and patriotic citizens making the nightmarish choice of supporting a totalitarian framework for exercising State power."