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This Spring America’s target is not Iran but Pakistan

"...America has again turned to Musharraf to prepare for a mini war in the tribal belt and Southern Afghanistan. Negroponte's remarks about Al Qaeda regrouping in Pakistan and the recent US intelligence assessments echoing similar findings are intended to prepare opinion both at home and abroad for this war. It is expected that Pakistan will provide the bulk of the troops for this offensive, while NATO will utilize the American build up in the Gulf to conduct air strikes and limited ground operations."

U.S. Tactics of Containing Regional Roles in Middle East

"All U.S. administrations whether Republican or Democrat have been always ready to confront the regional roles of non-Middle Eastern powers, like Russia, or of Arab and Islamic states in Middle East in two cases: When those roles are in conflict with the Israeli security prerequisites and when they could compromise the American free access to the “vital” oil interests. Late Saddam Hussein and Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt did both. Now Iran and Syria are also portrayed as threats to both U.S. interests. The American diplomatic rhetoric about defending their regional “moderate” friendly and allied governments against the regional roles of both countries is merely meant to be sold to American voters, Arab public as well as to other unforthcoming world powers and public opinion."

"Anyone Can Go To Baghdad; Real Men Go To Tehran"

"The hypocrisy is monumental: the Security Council has been dragooned into taking action against Iran, a state that is signatory to the NPT and has adhered by its rules, by Israel, a state which itself refuses to sign the NPT and remains the foremost violator of Security Council resolutions."

Indo-Pak: People need actions not promises

"The years long process of talks and negotiation must now deliver the accord."

What do you call a critic of assault rifles? Unemployed like Jim Zumbo

"Pleased with the performance of its backyard Rambos--defending their redwood decks miles from any war zone---the NRA lost no time in telling Congress You're Next if it tries any monkey business with semi-automatic firearms. As if Congress could lose Viagra, Mossy Oak and Cabela’s ads like the gun media."