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Gog and Magog: The false prophetic underpinnings for war

"As it turns out that Gog and Magog are generally nothing more than one's favorite bad guy."

Demagoguery Posing as Scholarship

"In addition to most expert opinion, based on bin Laden’s original writings, and Pape’s empirical research, repeated public opinion polls in the Arab/Islamic world discredit D’Souza’s unsubstantiated musings. Those polls indicate that people in Islamic countries like U.S. technology, political and economic freedom, and even culture (which polls high even in Iran). The numbers start going south only when U.S. foreign policy toward the Islamic world is mentioned. As D’Souza even admits, the opinions of the Islamic mainstream are important because it has been the traditional recruiting pool for Muslim extremists."

American pressure against Islamic Jurisprudence

"We rarely get any opportunity to know any details about as to whether the American government is really applying any pressure at all on other governments in the name of religious freedom to change their religious activities to American standards of religious freedom or not. If the answer is yes to this question, then how and under what justification?"

Dr. Makdisi Urges a One State Solution for Palestinians

"It is time for the Palestinians to abandon the notion of a two state solution, says Dr. Saree Makdisi. He’s an author, professor and frequent commentator on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He says the two state solution plays into Israel’s role as the dominant and occupying power. “A one state solution,” he argues, would reveal Zionist Israel as a “nakedly racist settler colonial enterprise...a state for one people at the expense of another.”

Iran, Israel, The Big Lie and The Real Threat

"Attempting to portray Iran as a nuclear menace to Israel and the world, in that order, even though it has no nuclear weapons and Israel has hundreds, is not merely a sign of dementia. It is indication of near idiocy in a society that can be repeatedly manipulated into believing such totally crackpot notions that have no foundation in the material world but exist only in a world of superstitious psycho-fantasy."