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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Plavix Sales To Soar Due To Faulty Heart Stents

"In addition to its extra costs, Plavix is not without its own serious side effects. A study published in the January 20, 2005, New England Journal of Medicine, found patients taking Plavix experienced more than 12 times as many ulcers as patients who received aspirin plus a heartburn pill."

The Never-ending Military Rule in Burma

"The SPDC regime remains the worst violators of human rights and freedom, matters of serious concern for the international community. Hundreds of thousands of Burmese citizens -- some (like the Rohingya) even denied citizenship – are still forced to live and choose a life of uncertainty as unwanted refugees in countries like Bangladesh and Thailand."

Radical Conservative Actively Misguides Readers

"She interprets the Islamic faith to her readers, while she is evidently not qualified to do so."

Bush and Islam: Words versus Deeds

"Bush’s attempt to verbally separate between Islam and Muslims in his propaganda to justify his pre-emptive American militaristic and hegemonic foreign policy is hopeless and doomed to failure."

Bad faith and the destruction of Palestine

"The occupation of Gaza did not begin this year, after Hamas was elected, nor did it end with the disengagement a year ago. The occupation is four decades old and still going strong in both the West Bank and Gaza. In that time Israel has followed a consistent policy of subjugating the Palestinian population, imprisoning it inside ever-shrinking ghettos, sealing it off from contact with the outside world, and destroying its chances of ever developing an independent economy."