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Pompous Aussie or a Firebrand

"...the Australian media and sports personalities have also come in support of Hair, classifying him amongst very few burly up holders of the cricketing law but no one commented about Darrel demand for $US500,000. Former legend English umpire Dickie Bird who had never been popular in Pakistan, said that Darrell's demand for $US 500,000 in return for standing down as a Test umpire had left him shocked and stunned. Former England captain Michael Atherton said it was "extraordinary" that Hair had not been charged with any offence by the ICC."

"Terrorism" as Opposition to Victimhood

"Americans are eventually going to learn what the rest of the world knows -- and that is that "terrorists" are usually victims who want redress but are denied it. Americans have longed victimized other nations, whether tacitly understanding it or not. The American "way of life", which Dick Cheney said is non-negotiable, was formed by victimizing the people of other nations whose raw materials and labor forces we exploited for our own profit. The last step in the process is the final victimization of the victimizers, and that time is approaching, as our most recent economic statistics point out."

The Bees in the Lion’s Carcass

"Those who complain that the Second Lebanon War was stopped before it was finished, should note the success of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony."

Israel’s deceptions as a way of life

"The biggest deception of all, however, relates to the reasons for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s decision this week to reject the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry, headed by a judge, that would have been free to investigate all aspects of the war. Instead Olmert has set up two separate internal committees of investigation, one to examine government decision-making and the other the army’s conduct. (A third watchdog body, under the government’s state comptroller, is supposed to look at failings in civil defence.)"

US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map to Stave-off Looming Global Meltdown

"The source also revealed that US generals had repeatedly war-gamed a prospective conflict with Iran, but consistently found that the simulations predicted “an absolute nuclear disaster”, from which no clear winner would emerge. The scenarios gamed were so dismal, he said, that the generals briefed administration officials to avoid such a war at all costs. However, the source said that the Bush administration is ignoring the fears of the US military."



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