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Palestinian, Iraqi Dialogues: Containment as Tactic

"Evasive dealing with this realpoitic fact will not lay any realistic ground for any meaningful and successful national dialogue in Iraq."

The problem with arrogance

"Israel has always refused to talk to what it calls terrorists, so as not to reward them. Presently, the Israelis have no right to use the term “terror” to describe a purely military operation that targeted a military location."

Smearing Islam and bashing Muslims, Who and Why

"...we should remember that they nevertheless represent a very small minority whose cumulative life achievements are equally small. The more they open their mouths, the more they expose themselves."

The Palestinian Genocide: Israel invades Gaza

"...the life of every soldier is precious. A uniform should be worn with great pride. But the life of a nation is even more precious."

Go East, Oh Muslims, Not West

"How long must Muslim blood be shed while Muslims are silent?"



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