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Monthly Archives: May 2006

‘Smoking gun’ fax proves The Lobby directed defamation of Jewish professor at York U.

“This [fax] is the smoking gun that [proves] this was all engineered by the Israel lobby." -- David Noble.


Scuttled Hamas Meeting Ominous

"Abbas should demand Israel’s immediate withdrawal from the occupied territories and to defend the elected government of Palestine. Instead, he insists that Hamas gives up the right to resist the occupation, recognise the racist entity “Israel” and uphold “all previous agreements”, including Oslo and the Roadmap, which Israel itself has repudiated."

Islamabad’s Washington friends should be held accountable

"In fact most of the steps have been taken in partnership with the US administration. Why then would the US administration opt to give a walkover to those wanting to paint Pakistan as the most irresponsible nuclear state?"

Undocumented worker used as slave in Wisconsin home for 19 years

"Human trafficking in the United States has risen dramatically in the last five years. The Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorneys' Offices have prosecuted a record number of human trafficking cases opening 480 new investigations into allegations of human trafficking. This number is approximately 325 percent more than were opened in the previous five-year period."

Why are the greatest Western writers on Islam not known today?

"Not a week goes by without another article, or cluster of articles, appearing in Western newspapers under the bylines of so-called specialist writers and semi-academics whose main thesis is openly anti-Islamic."