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Cheney and Halliburton Hold Title – Top Earners In Iraq

"If Cheney is to be believed, the conspiracy to pick on Halliburton is a global effort because as of July 2004, the French, British, Nigerian and US governments were all investigating Halliburton's activities while Cheney was CEO, for paying over $180 million in bribes to Nigerian officials in exchange for a $6 billion contract to build a natural gas plant in Nigeria."

What the hell has happened?

"The elections show that Israeli public opinion wants an end to the conflict, that it rejects the dreams of the settlers and their allies, that it seeks a solution."

Galilee Bishop Speaks for Justice, Friendship and Peace

"Jews and Palestinians never risk to live alone or die alone. We are condemned to walk side by side or to hang by each other. We were never enemies with the Jews until 1948. I am all for the Jews to have freedom of expression, home and homeland. I am ready to struggle with the Jews because they are human beings. But when my people cannot live, how can I agree when my people are homeless, the scattered, the dispersed, how can I agree? There should be another solution so that there is justice, peace and security."

Apostasy and Religious Freedom

"The issue of apostasy, like many other issues stemming from the application of shari’ah in modern society, is rooted more in the sociopolitical conditions of contemporary Muslim societies than in Islamic values and principles."

Which soldier will be the last to die for Bush’s Mistake?

"For the first time in history, the US went to war because of intelligence reports claiming that a country posed a grave threat to our nation. We should accept nothing less than a full-scale, wide-open Congressional investigation into the issue of pre-war intelligence on the threat from Iraq."



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