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Harboring Prejudice and Politics: The "Dubai Ports" Debate

"If Congress really wanted to have a debate about port security and the failings of the current system, they would be talking about increasing funding for hiring more customs officials, beefing up our coast guard presence, and providing additional equipment to screen more of the containers that entire our country. This is what is needed."

SSRIs – Wonder Drugs From Hell

"...the sad fact is, the FDA could have warned Terri, because by 1998, according to the FDA's adverse reaction reporting system, Prozac alone had already accumulated over 40,000 adverse reaction reports, including over 2,100 deaths, far more than any other drug in the history of the reporting system."

Holocaust histrionics and defamation give new meaning to the term Middle East ‘coverage’

"Because so many people and interest groups have spent so much energy propping up the Great Crime of Israel, it is impossible to admit error without making a lie of the past half century of violence. To preserve the lie and sabotage the truth, pro-Isramerican governments and mainstream media present a whitewashed, sanitized perspective on the Middle East to negate, or at least minimize, Arab suffering and the validity Arab political arguments."

"Best Director" Oscar for Ports Brouhaha Production

"The Iraqi War has been raging for over three years with hardly a peep out of the Congress and/or the Media. Now, a deal which would permit an Arab-owned company to manage stevedore operations in six U.S. ports has sent both into a feeding frenzy. Why? The U.S. Coast Guard is in charge of security at the ports, not the stevedoring outfit. Whoever is behind this ports brouhaha affair deserves an Oscar nomination for - “best director!”

Kuwait in constitutional turmoil as royals fail to agree a successor to Shaikh Jabir

"Although Washington is willing to go through the motions of calling on countries like Egypt to improve or reform their public institutions, it will not do so in the case of oil-rich emirates and monarchies that may really be more vulnerable to such pressure. "



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