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Democracy Apparently Re-defined

"What is certain is that the world can expect a tougher negotiater in Palestinian-Israeli negotiations – the days of wishful thinking and meaningless negotiating are over."

Palestine should emulate America and Switzerland in Disramament

"Perhaps giving every Palestinian male a stake in national defense will encourage a nationalistic spirit and less factionalism and will make proper and responsible use of firearms a civic duty."

It’s Still the Occupation…!

"Israel also needs to abide by the more than 100 UN resolutions it has violated, or ignored, along with international law. That is justice, and justice is the foundation for real peace, not voting."

Osama’s Book, or Oprah’s Book

"Maybe ratings are the only consideration. If another show about how to apply eye make-up is aired, I will cancel my cable service. Sometimes I have to rush to the TV clicker, to get a bit of C-Span therapy."

About the Conference of Enhancing the Economic Future of the Middle-East

"If such a concern with tolerance and democracy issues deserves encouragement, some questions remains however related to whether all the participants to a conference about new and restored democracies are really representative, and before all: how may new and restored democracies be defined? And where exactly in the world are they to be localized?"