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After the Libby Indictment, the Press Is Acquitting Itself

"...while the New York Times is busily clucking at deceptive prewar maneuvers by Dick Cheney’s office, the Times refuses to own up to how effectively the Cheney operation gained its support, from page-one stories about WMDs to editorials assisting Washington’s war makers."

Freedoms Granted, Freedoms Restricted

"Fortunately, the Arab League seems to wake up after a long lethargy. In Baghdad, M. Amru Moussa invited all the Iraqi groups to show more responsibility towards the political process."

The strategy of the US oil and finance elite controls the White House, and...

"It is obvious to every Palestinian child that Sharon’s government wants to keep the West Bank, and wants a Palestinian state in Gaza Strip only. Those holding the Palestinian card must know this as every child does, and must work to turn the card into the just cause of a people."

"War isn’t healthy for children and other living things"

"It’s time to realize we are not democrats or republicans. We are the tax paying citizens of the United States of America and these people WORK FOR US. It’s time to hold them all accountable. Down to the last dime and the last drop of blood."

Al-Qaeda in South Africa — Chasing Islamic Phantoms

"If “terrorism in Africa” is a major problem then it is critical to define the term and apply the definition consistently. None of the “terrorist and security experts”, like their American, Israeli or British counterparts can define it, as they will themselves be incriminated by those definitions."