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Monthly Archives: September 2005

US increasing Iraq-style pressure on Iran over its nuclear program

....“Muslim” Pakistan is under pressure to abandon its nuclear programme but Hindu India is promised nuclear cooperation; zionist Israel has several hundred nuclear weapons but there is not even a hint of criticism, while Islamic Iran is threatened with military aggression for operating within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), to which it is a signatory."

Forecasting Mass Destruction, from Gulf to Gulf

"The Bush administration chose this moment to send its new Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, the inveterate spinstress Karen Hughes, on a “listening tour” of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. As she deflected pointed questions with platitudes and promises, her audiences responded with growing incredulity. The credibility gap is felt there, too."

Antisemitism is a Racism totally contrary to Islam

"...anti-Semites and other kinds of racists balk against living together in peace with people of different race or creed. For example, German racists (Nazis) and Jewish racists (Zionists) were opposed to Germans and Jews living together; each side rejected this in the name of their respective race as a degeneration."

Ramadan: The month of spiritual purification

"Ramadan is a time of introspection and self-evaluation. It is time to remember and help those who are less fortunate; a time to seek forgiveness and forgive others; a time to express love and to rejuvenate family and friendship ties; a time for community outreach; a time to foster understanding and to appreciate the solidarity and support offered by other faith-groups. Since 9/11, it became common to see Non-Muslims joining their Muslim colleagues, classmates, neighbors in “empathy-fasting” to express their solidarity and support."

Signpost in Somaliland’s Quest for Sovereignty

"The Republic of Somaliland has indeed accomplished a remarkable feat and without international assistance. The success or failure of the September 29 elections will determine which road Somalilanders adhere to: a continuing compromise or a frustrated abandonment of their ideals."