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A Place That I Call Home

"I am optimistic that one day everything will be the same as before or even better. Americans will keep their tradition of accepting other races and no American would ever be thought of as Asian, African, Hispanic, Muslim or Jewish. The greatest pride for any American is in just being an American and nothing else."

The Defensive Shield of Lies and Deflections

"The Bush junta is pulling strings in Baghdad and in Washington, with a compliant press corps who has completely forgotten the art of verification and healthy suspicion of facts and motives."

Katrina and the Neocons’ Iraqi War: Wake-up Calls?

"Hurricane “Katrina” hit the central Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, 2005, causing massive devastation. When the Army Corps of Engineers had asked for additional funding to protect the New Orleans region from flooding, the Bush-Cheney Gang said, “No!” Meanwhile, the Neocon-inspired Iraqi War continues to waste hundreds of billions of dollars of our nation’s resources. Isn’t it time for the American people to wake-up and take action to restore the Republic?"


Local Bodies Elections: Axis of Angles

"It is our national character and lesson of the history that people use to obey the orders of the “Sitting Power” or worships the “Rising Sun”. The opposition’s rigging propagations and stupidity in the National Assembly will gather no storm in the domestic national politics. The results of local bodies elections 2005 will definitely pay the dividends in the general elections 2007. “Victory” and “Defeat” is the part of the democratic process not the “Echo Of The Heart”. Let us work jointly for the greater &stronger Pakistan and brighter common future."

Eat my laptop II

"The religious-ideological settler movement is a loser. It lost its settlement foothold in Gaza and it lost a lot of Israeli public tolerance for its messianic fundamentalist message. Whether it will draw the appropriate lessons and act to maximize the settlers' territorial gains (the settlement blocs) while ceasing to offend simple demographic, political, and security logic, remains to be seen."