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Countering the Julius Streichers of our age

"Such xenophobic concepts and threats in the New York Times and other such 'credible' sources are sufficient to further enrage the extremists who are already sending hatefilled e-mail messages to Muslims, calling them 'towel head,' 'rag head,' and 'little pigs,' and directing them to 'go back' to their 'sands.'”

The U.S. Congress Sends Mixed Message On Indonesian Military

"The military and Suharto had said their justification for their massive crime was an imminent takeover of Indonesia by the PKI. In recent years documents have proven this excuse to be a fabrication. From 1965 until 1999 the Indonesian dictatorship had received the support of the U.S. government."

Can there be democracy with marginalization?

"Why did women's involvement in the political process in Kuwait lag behind for so long? Why were women marginalized in public life? Was Islam used to empower women or to reinforce male chauvinism? Were culture and tradition a hindrance to women's activism and progress? An examination of the women's suffragist movement can provide some answers to these questions."

Honesty Is The Best Foreign Policy

"Since 9/11, the entrenched neo-con operatives in government and mass media circles have insisted that the terrorists are a product of deviate ideologues who had ‘hijacked Islam’ along with a billion plus Muslims. The neo-cons have been very successful at marketing the notion that the United States is in this fight to confront worldwide Islamic fascist movement intent on “changing our way of life.”

Not a Matter of Religious Belief

"Righteous murderers may claim they're spreading democracy and defending human rights, but clearer heads and common sense can distinguish faith based motivation of fanatics, who have killed 128,000 people so far because God told their commander in chief to go to war from those who stand up to their tyranny and injustice irrespective of their religious belief."