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The test ahead

"Abbas runs out of maneuvering time on August 15, the day Israel starts disengagement. It remains to be seen whether the Palestinians will pass the test that lies ahead."

A plan to make Abu Mazen fail

"What the Israeli government is doing will lead to a single inevitable conclusion: it will annul any possibility for a solution on the basis of two states living side-by-side on the 1967 borders."

Memo to Iraq War: This Is the First Day of the Rest of Your...

"So long as enough Americans go along with the phantom goal of “victory,” you get to keep killing in Iraq. To that end, a massive PR operation is underway."

The Right to Dissent and the Threat to Core American Values

"As the debate continues behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, it is vitally important that we engage in a public examination of the troubling aspects of the PATRIOT Act., before our right to have those conversations is permanently cut off."

Can Mukhtaran’s case change tribal system in Pakistan?

"Unfortunately, the history of Pakistan shows that the rulers often come out with great ideas. Huge funds from state treasury are spent on organizing wonderful forums, conventions and foreign trips yet the nation has not seen any improvement in the life of a common person, economically and socially."



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