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A tale of two Egyptian Newspapers

"...Al Ahram is treated with the reverence of Le Monde. It is the Egyptian paper of record. I must admit I used to have a wee bit of respect for Egypt’s gray lady. But over the course of the last week, they have totally discredited themselves and displayed outright contempt for journalistic ethics. Every line in that paper must now be considered suspect."

Buying Off the Settlers

"The fanatics declare that they will not take the money, that they will fight to the last drop of blood. But in practice, every threat just raises the price. The more extreme the language of the settlers, the more money the government is frightened into offering. Hundreds of thousands will march on Gush Katif? Fifty thousand dollars more per family. Thousands of soldiers will refuse orders? Another 100 thousand dollars. Blood will flow? Two hundred thousand more. The sky is the limit."

The Coming Exodus and the End of Nation States

"Non-Muslims too have started feeling the heat: particularly those with an experience of the earlier holocaust. The first willing drop of the rain of exodus happen to be a Jew — a holocaust survivor, who smelled the coming holocaust in the US."


One-Man Truth Squad: Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss!

"I’ve seen him at every major Pro-Palestine demonstration in Washington, D.C. going back to the massive peace rally of Oct. 26, 2002. His name is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. On May 26, 2005, he was in front of the White House sending warm greetings to the new Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, who was meeting with President George W. Bush. Rabbi Weiss is an unrepentant foe of Zionism. He is also a one-man Truth Squad!"

Vote like an Egyptian: Early and often

"Mubarak’s regime is still considered a major strategic American ally in the region. The day before the referendum, Laura Bush was in Egypt promoting Mubarak’s ‘bold’ reforms."



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