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Palestinians must battle extremists to achieve peace

"Peace does not mean we cannot criticize each other. We can and we should. But we can criticize policies, not people. Events, not emotions."

The Republic, the American Flag & the Left

The American Republic belongs to the people! I believe that antiwar activists, like Ron Kovic, a veteran of the Vietnam conflict, are the real patriots in the battle against the Iraqi War. Yet, Neocons, such as that repulsive William Kristol regularly wrap themselves in the American flag. He has no right to claim the flag as a symbol for his dubious cause. Isn’t it time the Antiwar Movement seized the patriotic initiative away from Kristol and his ilk?

Miasma for e-Journalism!

"Since everything the world-over, including Pakistan is getting ‘e’ [electronic] like e-mail, e-cards, e-phone, e-box, e-books, e-zine, e-greetings, e-commerce, e-banking, e-ticketing, e-bookings, e-chat, e-news, e-transactions so on and so forth, it makes crystal-clear the lofty and powerful impact the machine, which has been cataloged as ‘Internet’ or a desktop or laptop in the thesaurus of the modern era."

Democratic Fascism

“As distinct from the concept of real democracy, democratic fascism is a political ideology, fully backed up by corporate terrorists and war lords in the “mainstream media” and academia, that adherents would apply to consummate police state at home and impose puppet regimes in the Muslim world, and which they propagate, besides with the barrel of a gun, through economic genocide.”



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