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Dog or Dogcatcher

"Desecrating the Quran or glorifying dogcatchers is counterproductive. Washington should restrain its newspapers. By publishing cartoons of Pakistan's military junta as faithful dogs the Americans are merely damaging their cause. Dogcatchers need American protection. Remember the fate of the Shah of Iran and Anwar Saadat two good dogcatchers."

Realists vs. Nihilists

"The more Friedman-like nihilists in the US media and military sound more upbeat about the war in Iraq, the more the realists get skeptical of the over all success of the mission based on lies and then quickly switched to project democracy."

Why Americans Should Support the Troops

"It's all about self-esteem, pride, and feeling good about being American! Being an American soldier should mean that you can destroy Fallujah and never regret a single moment. Being an American soldier should mean that you don't have to apologize to any rag-head family for blowing up their car when the driver panicked at one of your checkpoints."

A tale of two Egyptian Newspapers

"...Al Ahram is treated with the reverence of Le Monde. It is the Egyptian paper of record. I must admit I used to have a wee bit of respect for Egypt’s gray lady. But over the course of the last week, they have totally discredited themselves and displayed outright contempt for journalistic ethics. Every line in that paper must now be considered suspect."

Tantawi sides with Karimov the butcher of Andijan

"Government scholars collaborating with the rulers are the main culprits in prolonging the backwardness of the Muslim ummah (people) and her subjugation to the imperialist powers. The quickest way for the Muslim ummah to eliminate this partnership of corruption and infidelity is to work for the re-establishment of the Caliphate."



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