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Love Thy Labor…

"It seems for labour literacy, hazard free healthy environment, manual technical advancements, and share in politics or policy measures is far from reality or rather theoretical approach to deliver."

Pakistan Japan Relation – An overview

"Pakistan and Japan share a centuries-old common heritage which invariably links the two countries in strong, historical bond of cultural cooperation. The rich archeological areas of Buddhist and Gandhara civilization in northern Pakistan are the major attraction for Japanese tourists."


A Tale of Two Demonstrations

"...Israeli democracy puts all its media exclusively at the disposal of the enemies of democracy. Even in the Weimar Republic, stupidity did not go this far."

Pashtuns and Palestinians: On Two Fronts of the Same War

"Two kinds of forces are fast emerging: the forces for bringing about the pan-Islam federation or the establishment of the now inevitable single Islamic entity, and the forces determined to break up even the existing units that are considered strong enough to provide some kind of impetus to the creation of such a State."

Secularism and not Islam is the real enemy of the Vatican

"In the past, when Islam was implemented practically -for instance in Islamic Spain- Jews, Christians and Muslims living in the Spanish cities of Toledo, Cordoba and Granada, enjoyed unrivalled tolerance and prosperity. Martin Hume wrote in his book “Spanish People”: “Side by side with the new rulers lived the Christians and Jews in peace. The latter rich with commerce and industry were content to let the memory of their oppression by the priest-ridden Goths sleep”.