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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Pettigrew and Cotler test critical extremes

"Expressing “disappointment” is standard Canadian diplomatic-speak for: “The government does not approve of Israel’s latest act of criminality, but won’t actually do anything about it because the Jewish Lobby calls the shots and we all want to be re-elected.”


The isolation of Jerusalem, another catastrophe

"What has been happening to Palestinians of Jerusalem is nothing short of a human catastrophe. What is needed is a serious, effective and continuous strategy to save what can be saved and to strengthen the resilience and the steadfastness of those who have survived the tragedy that has not stopped since 1967."

Secularism and Human Rights

"Just as we want to effect Islamist behavior, using carrot and stick tactics, the secular status quo throughout the world should be held accountable for its deplorable human, and women’s rights record. We should not forget the billions of deaths of the innocent, the weak, elderly, women and the disabled caused by secular nationalist governments over the years, as they sought to cleanse their societies of so-called undesirables."

Indo-Pak: Relations in positive direction

"The recent gestures of mutual communication and willingness for bilateral talks between Indian and Pakistani leaderships are the key factors to negotiate and establish understanding and trust to find out the ways and means to resolve all the political and geopolitical issues."

Sharansky’s right wing politics paraded as "Democratic"

"It begs the question: Since he has made much of his status as a former “victim of totalitarian oppression”, how does he reconcile his support of the totalitarian oppression of the victims of Zionism?"