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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Iraq Overseas Voting: A Bad Idea, Poorly Executed

"Of the estimated 350,000 Iraqi Americans, less than one-third are immigrants from Iraq. Most are either children of immigrants or second generation Americans."

America’s Disdain of Democracy is Palpable, Hypocritical and Dangerous

"American-style "democracy" is not what it claims to be or appears to be. The American public willingly goes along with the charade because it seems to have created a good life for them up to now. But times are changing, the "pie" of wealth to be distributed is changing shape and shrinking, and American-style democracy will change along with it because it is all designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many, and with less to go around, the many will see their share of the pie reduced, whether they like it or not."

Iraqi Elections: To Vote or Not To Vote

"If the US is so concerned about fair representation of different ethnic communities then it should lead by example. The Afro-Americans and the Hispanics should have had a quota system reserved for them within the Senate and Congress. Instead the only place where they are adequately represented in fact over represented; - is within the prison system!."

The Stalemate

"If wisdom does not prevail (and in politics, the victory of wisdom would be something new), this cease-fire will end up like many before: just an interval between two rounds of fighting."

US-Made Election Schemes in Iraq and Palestine

"The US may have its election day on January 30, but it will not be enough to change things in Iraq."