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Monthly Archives: September 2004

The silent plan for Jerusalem

"With Jerusalem already ringed by Jewish settlements and settlers steadily creeping into the eastern sector, it is no surprise that Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are squaring their shoulders for a new demographic battle. Many are optimistic that in spite of the odds stacked against them, they have “steadfastness” on their side."

India’s Newest Tenor?

"Let’s not forget that India’s soft tone and tenor is motivated by its ambition for the UN Security Council membership. It cannot obviously seek support of any-one as an aggressor and arrogant nation."

In Iraq some lives are worth more than others

"We should feel pity for the person we've seen on TV, but we should feel the same pity for all of the others in the same situation who are not seen, and whose names are not known."

How the President Mishandled the War on Terror

"Instead of leading a worldwide effort to remove the al-Qaeda threat, the President insisted on invading a country that had no connection to either 9-11 or al-Qaeda, nor represented a threat. As a result, al-Qaeda continues to attack around the world and remains a major threat to the United States."

Knights of The Long Table

"There is a system flaw somewhere as otherwise this should have been an immediate disqualifier for promotion to their present rank, how can anyone in this Army, which has seen the 1971 Indo-Pak War, 1973-1975 Balochistan Operations, 1983-84 Sindh Anti-dacoity operations, Siachen (ongoing since 1984) and Kargil (1999), be promoted past the rank of Major without having heard a shot being fired in anger?"