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Colleagues taken hostage in Iraq

"At this time, the Islamic Army in Iraq has extended the deadline another 24 hours while many of the Islamist organizations denounce the action of kidnapping and killing journalist."

Nader’s War on Error

"If you happen to be undecided, you will quickly find out if your address makes your vote vital in electing the next CEO of the free world. Look for the telltale signs in the last few weeks of the campaign. If CNN doesn’t paint your state red or blue on the electoral map – you are the proud owner of a million-dollar vote. If both candidates offer to clean your house – you have been anointed to decide the fate of the nation."

An Open Letter to Lady Margaret Thatcher

"Mark Thatcher, son of Lady Margaret Thatcher, is in big trouble. He was charged in South Africa, with helping to finance a planned coup in oil rich Equatorial Guinea. He is under house arrest, on $300,000 bail. Equatorial Guinea is looking to extradite him on the same charges. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe may want to get their hands on him, too. Baroness Thatcher is naturally distraught. The Open Letter offers some advice and historical context."

US debates different ways of applying political pressure on Islamic Iran

"No-one seriously expects that the Americans will plan an invasion of Iran any time soon, particularly given the mess they have made of direct action in Iraq, but the invsion last year was prefaced by over a decade of intense political and economic warfare under, it should be noted, both Republican and Democratic administrations. There are increasing signs that, the lessons of Iraq notwithstanding, the US may be planning a similar war of attrition against Iran in the next few years."

Bush’s "War on Terror": No Lack of Imagination

"Now the administration’s post-9/11 “war on terror” is bogged down in the Iraqi quagmire, predictably siphoning official effort, resources, and attention away from the critical fight against al Qaeda. But that’s not the worst implication of this Quixotic and unnecessary invasion of a sovereign nation. Invading a second Islamic country has energized Osama bin Laden’s zealous global defensive jihad to throw the infidel crusaders off Moslem soil. Bin Laden has been able to recruit many locally-absorbed Islamic radicals to refocus their attacks on the United States—for example, Islamic fighters in Algeria."



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