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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Gaza for the Gazans

"...if Israel wishes to pull out unilaterally, it should leave the Gaza Strip's control in the hands of its people."

The Politics of Terrorism :: Response to the 9/11 Commission Summary ::

"The 9/11 Commission missed one important recommendation that we add, and that is that the US must open up to the people of the world and listen."

Trade Policy 2004-05: Critical Analysis

"In order to achieve targets of trade policy of 2004-05 we have to stream line our politics, economics, judicial traditions, and multi and bilateral relationships with other countries."

A Jordanian perspective

"Perhaps it is naive to say that once Arafat met the Egyptian demands, matters would improve. A quandary would still lie with Israel, where we witness the difficulty Sharon has had in selling his reduced plan."

The Agenda Behind the Da Vinci Code

"The continuing objective of the Illuminati is to place a descendant of this sacred bloodline as dictator of a new world order. The Da Vinci Code is an attempt to introduce the unsuspecting public to the historical legends used to justify such a reign."



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