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Muslim-Americans Flexing Voting Muscle for 2004 Election

"The Muslim-American community favors Democrat Sen. John F. Kerry over incumbent President George W. Bush, Jr. Nevertheless, Ralph Nader is its favorite son. If Kerry doesn’t shape up on the important issues that the Muslim-American community has articulated, Kerry could be in for a very unpleasant surprise, a la Al Gore, come November 2, 2004. Bush, of course, won’t get their votes either, but, if push comes to shove, Nader sure could."

Defining Anti-Semitism 101

"By equating all of these groups to one another, Merriam-Webster renders the nuances and complexities of these positions meaningless and derogatory for all of us. Worse still is that this manipulation of anti-Semitism belittles the history of the Jewish people, denying the very real anti-Semitism that hid them in the gutters and the ghettos of Europe, and found them at the gates of Auschwitz."


Why I Changed My Voter Registration Today

"The Green Party should not be at cross-purposes with the progressive movements struggling to end the Bush presidency."

Here’s to Every Green ‘Gator for Nader

"The Cobb Catastrophe will pass into an oblivion beyond footnotes. The architects of that debacle have no legitimacy with the grassroots, so let that be our forte."

Soccer-loving Filmmakers with Goals of their Own

"There is camaraderie among the Palestinians, no matter what part of the world they now live in."



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