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Monthly Archives: May 2004

"The Israel Project" Or the Shnorrers and the Shmocks

"We support true charitable work, but we are opposed to billons of dollars funnelled through the tax system to fund a State whose army is engaged in “unpardonable activities” according to its own Justice Minister. This tax scheme bonanza must stop."

The CIA-men & the coming doom

"The problem is that what deserves death penalty in the US is not anymore considered even shameful in the Muslims world. Muslims have to stigmatize words, deeds and rule of the CIA-men as shameful. And shame, more than any election or law, is how a Muslim society should express approval and disapproval and apply restraints to their leaders."

Indo-Pak: Proclaiming Peace under Missile Rivalry

"The tremendous jubilation among the people of Pakistan and India, during the historic tour of Indian cricket team to Pakistan, recently, with unaccountable scenes of love at the peoples’ level endorses that the majority in India and Pakistan want peace and friendship."

A Contest of Brutality

"The US and Israel are playing a leading role for others in the ruthless band of fundamentalist religious fanatics that respect no international laws or norms of human decency."

Tommy’s Granny

"It seems that the Americans were active behind the scenes. George Bush is having enough trouble with Iraq. His policy is collapsing. The pictures from Rafah blackened still further the image of the Americans, Sharon’s friends and partners, in the eyes of the Iraqis, whose heart goes out to the Palestinians. For the first time, the US representative abstained from vetoing a Security Council resolution criticizing Israel (even if in ridiculously moderate language). Undoubtedly, telephone conversations were held in basic American, rebuking Sharon much more harshly."