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Monthly Archives: April 2004

"The Banality of Evil… Again"

"President Bush: do something. Hold someone accountable. The president has a right to be angry at American abuses. But he has to do something about them."

Sacred Cows

"To really make the defecne budget cost-effective, the most important sacred cow that needs to be eliminated from the Army is the Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO)."


An Analysis of Anti-Islamic Polemics

"A minority among these self-acclaimed experts claims to have studied Islamic history, but their work only proves their lamentable prejudice."

Australia or Iraq – Who is in Need of Liberation?

"Australia is part of the South Pacific region, and it needs to modify its behaviour to fit in with the rest of the peaceful population in the region as equals."

Canada’s hate laws have selective application

"At any time in the past, the federal government could have passed a [sweeping anti-racism] resolution in the wake of an anti-Sikh, anti-African or anti-Arab hate crime, but in Canada, offences against Jews are deemed more important and newsworthy."



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