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Monthly Archives: February 2004

The Ghetto Inside

"The struggle against the Wall has many aspects. It is not only a struggle to liberate the inhabitants of the West Bank from the monstrous obstacle that turns their life into hell and puts them under pressure to leave “voluntarily”. It is not only a struggle to liberate the two peoples of this country from a situation that imposes on them an ever-widening cycle of bloodshed. It is also a struggle to liberate the Israeli nation from the ghetto that is inside our hearts."

Troika—Toxic for Tranquility

"The story about the sale of Hawks to India validates perceptions that Jack Straw had—virtually—been coming to this region—as some analysts view—to ignite a conflagration instead of an endeavor to avert a perilous course."

‘Change best achieved from ground-up, not top-down’

"If the American people want real and lasting change, we must organize efforts to democratically take over the government on local and state levels before we can dream of taking back the presidency from the iron grips of corporate interests."

Policies, Presidents and the 2004 US Elections

"The Bush administration will try to pull troops out of Iraq, go home and declare victory, and put Saddam on trial. That may help, but it won’t allow them to duck the issue."

The politics of personal security

"Barring an “October surprise,” such as the capture of Osama Bin Laden, a major terrorist attack in the US, or a significant setback in Iraq, the contours of the security debate in this year’s presidential race have been set. Competing visions about America’s role in the world, its relations with its allies, and the future of the Middle East will all be judged through the prosaic but powerful lens of personal security—and which candidate seems most capable of delivering it."