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Hajj 2004: A Journey of Self-Renewal and Hope

"Muslims unfortunately have a special place in the spotlight, receiving the brunt of a racist frontal assault by the American propaganda machine, driven by a half-a-dozen mega media conglomerates and neo-conservative movements."

Headscarves and the French Tricolor

"Contrary to Chirac and Ferry's claims that the proposed law only affirms the present doctrine of laïcité, the measure would mark a significant departure from prior legislation. If previous laws sought to protect the religious neutrality of the state and "religious freedom," the new proposal explicitly fights against the "communitarianism" and "inequality" that the headscarf has come to represent in France."

Of Benny Morris and ethnic cleansing

"...the relentless quest to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the land between the River Jordan and the Sea is still going on. Only now, it is less 'noticeable' to the outside world. Israelis leaders openly talk of the term 'transfer', a coded word for ethnic cleansing. In a world where barriers have come tumbling down, Israel is erecting them in order to imprison and torture the Palestinian people."

A Dayton accord for the Middle East

"Israel should be made to accept an international presence on the ground in order to protect Palestinians from military incursions and encroachment, and Israelis from acts of terror. Not only would this be far more effective than the wall that Israel is building, but it could also help to ensure the two-state solution essential for peace, which the “security fence” in effect denies."

My Only Name is Returner

"You can follow the olive trees to Palestine. The sea bird will fly freely abroad and home. The returner/`a’id will return to his home."



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