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The Mideast Policy Debate: The Democratic Can didates

"The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is spiraling out of control, the venture into Iraq did not yield a quick victory and spillover of positive change, the U.S. position in the Middle East is more precarious, and U.S. allies in the region are more vulnerable to the forces of extremism. A new direction is needed."

Mr. Dershowitz, You Lost Your Public Bet; Pay Jenin

"Last week on the radio show Democracy Now, author Alan Dershowitz attempted to defend his new book "The Case for Israel" against claims by Professor Norman G. Finkelstein that the book is a "hoax"....

Reality of Egyptian government’s campaign for a ‘renewal of religious discourse’

"A few weeks after the September 2001 incident, the Egyptian authorities began an appeal for what they called "the renewal of religious discourse"."


"He had the courage to seek solutions and alternatives, constantly on the lookout for a younger leadership, a mentor for those with promise."

Inconclusive evidence

"Without a bill of indictment, the official US version of events should be regarded as mere "assumptions" that can and should be challenged by individuals who are seeking the truth."